Arruí stalking


How is the Arrui stalking?

We are professionals and specialists in hunting arrui, being our strong point, having the best open hunting reserves and a large number of hectares for it, obtaining the best results each season.
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The Barbary stalking male is one of the most beautiful, since it is very impressive due to the corpulence they have and the long beards of the large males and the large herds that can be found.

Although males can be killed from 55 cm of antlers, the ideal is to do it when they exceed 60 cm, their weight will be around 70 – 120 kilos, being able to reach up to 160 kilos of the big males. The best time for their capture is when they are in heat, between November and December, the period of heat being able to be advanced or delayed depending on the rains and the cold, but it is when they are best seen and when the big males show their faces.

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As we generally hunt on open farms, where the Barbary Sheep is found in its habitat between ravines, gorges and large expanses of land, very good males have been sighted, but it is not guaranteed to win medals, although at the end of the season some medals are killed.

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If you are interested in a medallable ruined recess, we have several fenced farms in which we carry out these recess.

Hunting season.
Las fechas recomendadas para la caza del Arruí son de Septiembre a Enero, siendo estos los meses de más actividad de esta especie.
Hunting area.
Norte de Alicante, zonas caracterizadas por las altas montañas del mediterráneo desde dónde se puede apreciar el mar mientras se está recechando.
Hunting mode.
Rececho a pie, directamente en contacto con el hábitat, o desplazándonos con vehículo hasta varios puntos realizando un rececho tranquilo.