Fallow deer

Fallow deer


Fallow deer is a species of deer native to the Mediterranean region, it differs from the other large deer of the common deer in its smaller size, its webbed antlers and its coat of reddish-brown hair dotted with white specks in spring and summer.

Only the males have antlers that are inclined backwards, and have three lamps and a webbed area typical of the species. The antlers change annually like most deer dropping in late March or early April, to grow immediately completing their growth in late June and early July.

The length of the Fallow deer varies between 129 and 155 cm for the males and 118 to 140 for the females. The weight for males is 58 kilos and for females 45 kilos.

We have different hunting areas to hunt this animal in its purest form in husky at Rececho or Monterías, with more than 5,000 hectares where it lives in the wild near reserves and natural parks.

If you are interested in a medalable fallow deer stalking We have several fenced farms in which we carry out these stalkings.