How is the stalking of the Arrui?

  • SPECIES …… ..Arrui male and female
  • MODALITY …… ..Rececho
  • AREAS …… ..Alicante
  • Recommended dates of September to January

Hunting by stalking is one of the most spectacular and sporting modalities, since it consists of the search for the animal selected for its trophy, making an approach as stealthy as possible, always with the wind in favor to avoid being detected, standing at a suitable distance Shooting to finally kill the animal is a very sporting modality, because the animal has many opportunities to survive.

The average shooting distance will be 100 to 150 meters, it is recommended that the hunter test his rifle and shoot before coming, being able sometimes to try in specialized fields that we have with targets to test the weapon, since in this way he will ensure that the rifle is perfectly calibrated and you will have the security when shooting.

The male stalking of ruff is one of the most beautiful since it impacts a lot because of the size they have and the long beards of the large males and the large herds that you can find.

Although males can be shot down from 55 cm of antlers, the ideal is to do it when they exceed 60 cm, their weight will be around 70 to 120 kilos and can reach up to 160 kilos for large males. The best time for their abbot is when they are in heat between November and December, the mating period can be advanced or delayed depending on the rains and cold, but it is when they are best seen and when the large males show their faces.

We generally hunt in open farms, where the ruff is found in its habitat between ravines and gorges and large areas of land, where very good males are kept under control, but it is not guaranteed to lower medals, although at the end of the season some medals are lowered. .

If you are interested in a medal stalking, we have several fenced farms where we carry out these stalks.


Given the extensive hunting area, we can offer the hunter different options depending on whether he wants to stalk on foot where he can put himself to the test and be directly in contact with the habitat of the ruff, depending on the months of the year, he could hunt all day stopping when the The hunter would have been opportune to have lunch or eat in the middle of nature and continue with the stalking, or we can move with the vehicle to various points from which a quiet stalking can be carried out for those who do not have great physical qualities.

The possibility of stalking with several hunters or a group of friends would be a possibility, being able to hunt with two hunting guides with four hunters or more, being able to plan the stalking a few days in advance for its final success.


The great beauty of the great landscapes throughout the year, areas characterized by the high mountains of the Mediterranean where you can see the sea while you are stalking. The beauty of the landscapes through gorges and ravines while observing the sea make it a spectacular and beautiful area, having the attraction of the Mediterranean and tourist coast 25 minutes from the hunting area, being able to finish the stalking in the morning and have a paella at the foot of the beach being able to carry out a special hunting tourism.


Possibility of accommodation in rural houses in the same hunting area or possibility of staying in tourist areas since the farms are half an hour from the sea where you can contemplate and enjoy tourist places at the foot of the Mediterranean Sea where advice on hotels and restaurants would be given for after an intense day of hunting.